Money Flooded Into Stocks Last Week – Here's What to Do

U.S. equity funds just attracted their largest inflows in 18 weeks.
As Reuters reported on Friday, $7.5 billion flowed into stock funds last week alone. Where did individual investors put all this money?
"Tech stocks attracted a bumper $1 billion, the largest inflows in 38 weeks," the article stated.
My friend, this is more evidence that the "Melt Up" is FINALLY 100% here… the market's last big push higher.
Individual investors are FINALLY buying stocks. And they're not looking for the "safe" plays. They're buying tech. They're taking on risk. This is what happens in the late stages of a bull market.
But what took people so long to buy, I wonder?
The stock market bottomed in March of 2009. It's been going up – almost nonstop – for eight and a half years.
You would think that – at some point – people would have gotten seriously interested in buying stocks. But they hadn't, yet.
So what changed last week?
What changed is "everything's just perfect" now, according to my friend Jason Goepfert of
How does he define perfection?
The market closed at a record daily high every day last week.
It has closed at a record weekly high every week for the last six weeks.
•   It has closed at a record monthly high every month for the last seven months.
"That combination has never been seen before in market history," Jason says.
Here's the thing: Markets fluctuate.
Sounds simple, I know. But markets go up… And markets go down.
We've had five record days… six record weeks… and seven record months. After that record run, you might start to believe that markets don't go down. But they do…
So I want you to be prepared for a market correction.
Don't get me wrong… I'm not going back on my prediction that stocks will absolutely soar in the Melt Up.
My "working script" is simple. I believe we'll see two things here…
Some degree of market correction, first. Then…
•   Crazy new highs, after that.
Remember: Markets fluctuate. Markets go up… And they go down.
When this market goes down – and it will – that move will scare people…
Everyone on CNBC will start saying, "This is the end." Your friends (who just got on board buying tech stocks this week) will likely sell.
You will stand alone… But you will know what's going on. You will not panic. You will stay strong.
You will remember that markets fluctuate. They go up… And they go down. And you will take advantage of it.
I suggest using the upcoming down move in the markets as one final opportunity to buy the stocks you want – before the big final push higher in the Melt Up.
I can't know when that day will arrive. But I am certain it is coming. And I don't want you to be scared by it. Instead, I want you to take advantage of it…
Good investing,
P.S. Investors are entering a dangerous time… when every decision counts. History says this could be the last bull market we'll ever see. That's why I've put together a "blueprint" to profiting from the Melt Up. It includes the ideas and investments that I expect will lead to the biggest returns as the market melts dramatically higher… Click here to learn more.

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