Our Entire Portfolio Is Up 42% This Year. Here's Why…

If you're not profiting from the "Melt Up" yet, what are you waiting for?
You're running out of time… Stocks aren't going to go up forever.
My Melt Up theme is the idea that stocks tend to soar in the final months of a great bull market as it comes to an end. And we're entering that time – right now.
The end of the dot-com boom in 2000 is the last great example of this. The Nasdaq soared 200% in the final two years of the Melt Up… and an extraordinary 75% in the final five months.
I can't know for sure, of course… But this time around, I believe we could see something similar.
The Melt Up is already underway. And you might be surprised to hear it, but it's not just happening in the U.S. Huge gains are happening overseas, too…
I was stunned at how far ahead of us China was in mobile technology when I visited China two summers ago. I came home and was shocked that nobody was talking about it.
I had to get my readers in on the trend. So I started a letter called True Wealth China Opportunities.
So far, the performance of that letter has been amazing…
The letter is less than a year old. Year to date, the average gain on our recommended China portfolio is around 44%. (That's not annualized – that's the return so far this year.)
We have no losers this year. The portfolio's worst-performing stock since January is a bank (up more than 22%). The best performers, of course, are the technology stocks – the ones focused on building "ecosystems" for their users that you never have to leave – sort of like Facebook in the U.S.
I believe this style of stock – tech companies that build "ecosystems" – will comprise some of the biggest winners in the Melt Up.
It's already happening…
The list of the world's biggest companies has changed dramatically in recent years. All but one of them (No. 7, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway) are "new economy" companies that want to keep you in their ecosystems. Take a look:
Apple (AAPL)
Google (GOOGL)
Microsoft (MSFT)
Facebook (FB)
Amazon (AMZN)
Alibaba (BABA)
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B)
Tencent (TCEHY)
Tencent – which I've predicted will be the world's largest company someday – is up 73% this year and is now the world's eighth-largest company. And Alibaba (which is a bit like Amazon) has performed even better – up 99% this year. Alibaba is now No. 6.
Those are huge gains – especially when you realize that these are two extremely large companies. They are now among the top eight largest in the world (based on stock market value). Companies that size don't usually see these kinds of gains.
Our China recommendations have absolutely soared. I'm happy for the success of our subscribers that were bold enough to listen to me about China.
The crazy part is, I believe my Melt Up theme still has plenty of upside… We could be just getting started.
I don't have the space to explain the full story here. But I urge you to not miss out!
The Melt Up is here. It won't be here forever. Get on board, now…
Good investing,
P.S. I recently gave a broadcast on how to tell when the Melt Up will end, and the best ways to participate right now. If you haven't gotten in on this idea yet, you can still make up for lost time… and potentially double your money in the next 12 months. Click here to learn more.

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