The Best Christmas Present You Can Give Yourself

"Did you hear the owner of Johnny's died yesterday?" my friend Tim asked me at lunch.
I couldn't believe it. "What happened?" I asked.
"He died of a heart attack, in the shower. He was 40 years old," Tim said. "I just hung out with him yesterday. He seemed great. He had just adopted two kids. There's no known cause of the heart attack. But he was overweight…"
Man, you hate to hear stories like that. One day things are normal and the next, a family is in disarray.
It's heartbreaking. And it makes you think about your own mortality.
I don't want my family to ever experience anything like that. I'm sure you don't either. Right?
So let's make some changes. Together. Starting right now…
Let's do this… Let's take eight weeks and COMMIT. You can do just about anything for eight weeks, right?
The good news is, by Christmas we'll be the healthiest we've been all year. We will have given ourselves "life" – what better Christmas present could there be?
You can do it. Eight weeks. Let's do it.
One year ago, you might recall, we did the same thing… I wrote a DailyWealth called "Time to Save My Life, Starting Today." I set out to make some major changes.
I shared with you my "specs" on October 19, 2015:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 262 pounds
Body fat %: 36% (Yeesh!)
Waist at belly button: 46.5 inches
Here are my current specs, as of October 21, 2016:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 232 pounds
Body fat %: 27%
Waist at belly button: 43.5 inches
This is the man I am today. But this is still not the man I want to be.
I've lost 30 pounds in the last year… and my body fat percentage has improved dramatically – from 36% to 27%.
It's a decent effort. But I'm not there yet…
Join me… Commit to eight weeks. It's just eight weeks.
I'm not going to tell you how to do it. We all know what we have to do.
"Eat less. Move more." That's what it always comes down to. Do it naturally, too… with foods and exercise. We all know this is what works.
I am going to be ON IT until Christmas. Christmas is doable, right? We can do that. (You can take Thanksgiving off, if you want… So it's really more like two four-week bursts. That's your call.)
Hopefully, we can make some real long-term changes.
Having a goal of being "on it" for eight weeks seems perfect… It's 1) significant, but 2) achievable. What do you think?
I will report my "specs" back to you every Monday between now and Christmas. Write down your results. Keep yourself honest and accountable. Let's do it.
Wish me luck. Best of luck to you as well. We all know what we need to do, we just need to do it. Eight weeks and we'll have the best gift we can give ourselves! What are you waiting for? Go!
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